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Jeffry Farrell's tale of his friendship with mentor Kumar Pallana (of Bottle Rocket fame) spanned decades, from the Thanksgiving night they met to the morning Jeffry placed Kumar's ashes in the Ganges River in India. Filled with life lessons, Jeffry's story resonated with many in the audience.

Welcome to Park Cities Yoga.  Here, you'll always receive a personal greeting and individual attention.  Deeply experienced instructors will guide you in a personally challenging, non-competitive environment.  

 Open windows on the clouds provide an environment where the sky's the limit, where discipline and contentment come together. 

Awaken the body and mind, liberate the royalty within you.

Serving all ages, all conditions, all levels of experience.  

Physical practice, Breath, Meditation.

Serving the neighborhoods of Preston Hollow, Highland Park, University Park, North Dallas, and all North Texas.


PCY News:

Evening Class: New Name, Same Great Yoga Practice:

Our Monday/Wednesday 6:15pm class, formerly "Mixed Level" is now "Stretch, Strengthen, & Relax"  

Building on a foundation of breath, body, and awakened attention, the purpose of these sessions is to use the yoga as a tool for daily living in strength, balance, enhanced awareness and relaxation.  CLICK HERE to read the full class description.

January's Theme ~ Santosha, or "contentment" 

Every month at Park Cities Yoga, our practices are guided by a theme.  Through the course of the year the themes guide a yogic path of attention.  Awakening the yogic principles over the course of the year requires a dedicated commitment, yet a guiding path that remains steady should you drop away and return.  Through the course of the year, we move from levels of contentment into greater levels of union and bliss.

A Word from Cynthia Pierro

January 18, 2017

Yoga Focus: Chair Pose (Utkatasana)  

A strengthening pose on many levels with a primary focus for the back and legs. In Chair pose you can learn how much your back bends and where it bends.  It is also a pose that may allow you to see and feel how well you are striking a balance between Steadiness (sthira) and ease (sukha).  


Stuff we think is interesting (check back frequently for new stuff):

Mark Whitwell: Heart of Yoga

Mark Whitwell: Heart of Yoga

The principles of teaching Yoga safely and effectively.

1. Do your own daily practice.
–Your teaching is informed by your own experience, and vice versa.
2. As a teacher you are responsible for whatever happens in your class.
-Ensure the physical safety and emotional well-being of your students.
3. Approach every person with respect for their individuality. -Apply the practice that is appropriate for them in their own unique situation.
4. Maintain a relationship with your own teacher.
-Or maintain relationship with other teachers to ensure productive input into your own process.
5. Teach yoga as you understand it.
-Not as it applies to you, but as it applies to the other person.

Mark Whitwell

I tried 3 well-known yoga studios before I found Park Cities Yoga. This place practices holistic yoga, which, in my opinion, is a traditional yoga combined with modern western yoga that largely stresses exercise routines and poses. Classes at PCY emphasizes spiritual teachings and the development of the mind as well as the body.  It is not only about increasing one's agility and strength, but also encompasses training the mind, reasoning, beauty, good judgement -- to be put to better use with our healthy and strong bodies. This in my opinion is the complete Yoga program. 

                                                           Pan Garner, PhD

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