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Massage Amplified: Art of a Conscious Touch

Sunday, December 10


10:30am - 4:30pm with Cynthia Pierro, B.S., LMT, NLP, RPP, MTI

Investment: $110 (6 CEUs for LMTs)

Session includes a 40 minute lunch break.

Touch is that which creates a connection relationship through visual, auditory, and physical changes for awareness and wholeness.

The principles of Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic provide more elective and powerful connections to the many different types of clients that you serve.  This class will enhance your understanding of how to better utilize the techniques you currently employ, plus add new Polarity techniques for acute health situations, chronic health situations, or simply relaxing massage.

You will leave this class with a more solid picture about which clients and which situations call for a lighter touch or technique, a more active touch or technique or a deeper, slower touch or technique, thus working smarter not harder.

Call now to reserve your spot. 214-437-1274.

Jeffry Farrell's tale of his friendship with mentor Kumar Pallana (of Bottle Rocket fame) spanned decades, from the Thanksgiving night they met to the morning Jeffry placed Kumar's ashes in the Ganges River in India. Filled with life lessons, Jeffry's story resonated with many in the audience.

Mike Mirabal offers 3 easy modifications for this challenging vinyasa yoga transition, as well as 3 simple exercises to practice and prepare for it. "In seven and a half years of teaching full time, observing a wide variety of students, this seems to be one of the most common and most challenging movements.

Yoga has always intimidated me. In particular, yoga studios intimidate me. I usually feel like an outsider who doesn't know what she's doing. A few years ago, I was feeling very overwhelmed with stress and a good friend suggested I visit PCY. Reluctantly I went, though terribly out of shape and definitely not cool enough to do yoga in Park Cities. My session was led by Jeff Farrell, the owner, and during the session I wept. I felt ridiculous, but for the first time in a long time I could physically feel my stress melting away and my surroundings were serene. There was nothing intimidating there and I did not feel judged. I have continued practicing yoga there throughout the years and though I live rather far, I would drive the extra bit to practice there versus anywhere else in the DFW metro area. Jeff was born to be a yoga instructor. I no longer fear yoga thanks to this place.

                                                                                                                   Beth M.


Welcome to Park Cities Yoga. 

Here, you'll always receive a personal greeting and individual attention.  Deeply experienced instructors will guide you in a personally challenging, non-competitive environment.  

 Open windows on the clouds provide an environment where the sky's the limit, where discipline and contentment come together. 

Awaken the body and mind, liberate the royalty within you.

Serving all ages, all conditions, all levels of experience.  

Physical practice, Breath, Meditation.

Serving the neighborhoods of Preston Hollow, Highland Park, University Park, North Dallas, and all North Texas.

I tried 3 well-known yoga studios before I found Park Cities Yoga. This place practices holistic yoga, which, in my opinion, is a traditional yoga combined with modern western yoga that largely stresses exercise routines and poses. Classes at PCY emphasizes spiritual teachings and the development of the mind as well as the body.  It is not only about increasing one's agility and strength, but also encompasses training the mind, reasoning, beauty, good judgement -- to be put to better use with our healthy and strong bodies. This in my opinion is the complete Yoga program. 

                                                           Pan Garner, PhD

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February's Theme

Sankalpa, or "yogic intent" 

Setting yogic intent is a creative process of personal adjustment.  Kumar used to say, "Learn how to adjust yourself, man!"  He was referring not only to my body in asanas, he was referring to my attitude and outlook.  He was referring to how I guided my awareness.  To set one's intention is a conscious adjustment of oneself which, in yoga, begins in stillness. [click the button below to read more]

Every month at Park Cities Yoga, our practices are guided by a theme.  Through the course of the year the themes guide a yogic path of attention.  Awakening the yogic principles over the course of the year requires a dedicated commitment, yet a guiding path that remains steady should you drop away and return.  Through the course of the year, we move from levels of contentment into greater levels of union and bliss.

A Word from Cynthia Pierro

February 23, 2017

Yoga Focus: Neutral Head

The position of our head is of the utmost importance for just about everything.  From how we move in life, how we see things, how our neck feels, the health of the nerves in our neck and face and so much more.  We use this position frequently in many of our asanas.  Practice this at home with a mirror especially after being on a computer.


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Stop Freaking Out about Body Fat

"We usually think of fat as unhealthy excess storage to be gotten rid of at all costs, but researchers have reached a different conclusion: Fat is actually a vital organ that releases essential hormones and sends crucial messages to our brains. And because fat is so important, our bodies work hard to protect it. Instead of simply battling fat, we need to focus on how to maintain a healthy level of it."

  Rose Oil  is the finest and most exquisite essential for skincare, and mood enhancement.

Rose Oil is the finest and most exquisite essential for skincare, and mood enhancement.

Rose Essential Oil from Young Living

Rose Oil is the finest and most exquisite essential for skincare, and mood enhancement.

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Donna's absolute favorite perfumer.  100% Botanical, Artisan Perfumes, Candles Organic Body Oils. Unique and beautiful by perfumer Nikki Sherritt. 

 Donna, then and now.  Still in progress!

Donna, then and now.  Still in progress!

 Jackie Poirot

Jackie Poirot

Those of you who attend the Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning classes regularly may have noticed a visible turnaround in my health over the past year.  I owe this transformation to Jackie Poirot of Poirot Pharmacy Services.  Jackie went into great detail with my history, blood work, even my genetics, to uncover hidden issues that were preventing me from reaching the vitality I struggled so hard to achieve.  I am still working toward my goal of optimal health, but I am almost there, and would never have gotten this far without Jackie's unwavering guidance and encouragement.  If you have health issues you have not been able to resolve, do yourself the favor of your life and make an appointment with Jackie.  You won't regret it.  www,  Tell her Donna at Park Cities Yoga recommended her.      

                                                                                                                        ~ Donna