Carob Banana Dream Smoothie

Carob banana dream smoothie.jpg

Carob Banana Dream Smoothie

with Frankincense/Nutmeg and Cinnamon essential oils

Yield: 16 fl. oz, 1 serving

Health benefits:
High in heart healthy potassium
Rich in Vit. B, C, Iron and Calcium
se nutmeg oil daily for pituitary and adrenal support!
Easy to digest fructose for clean burning energy
Fructose is a natural sugar and does well for most body types when fruit is eaten by itself or blended in a smoothie!

2 ripe medium Bananas frozen*, chopped 3⁄4 cups Water, or more as desired
2 Dates, pitted
2 tsp Carob powder
1⁄2 tsp Mesquite powder
1⁄4 tsp Vanilla powder
drops Frankincense (or 2 drops Nutmeg Oil)
drop Cinnamon oil for blood sugar balancing if you like!

1. Place all the ingredients in the blender.
2. Blend until smooth adding water as needed, until the desired consistency is reached.

Smoothie Boosters:

1. Add 1 Tbsp Lecithin powder + heaping scoop L Balance Complete or Slique Shake for ETTER weight loss.
. Add 1 heaping Tbsp of ground chia or hemp for a more satisfying smoothie
3. Add some 3-4 leaves Romaine for some beauty greens!

*if substituting fresh bananas use cold water or add a few ice cubes. 

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Ready to learn more about bringing essential oils into your home?

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