Class Descriptions

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Mixed Level Asana

Mixed Level Asana sessions observe a warm-up, frequently incorporating a modified series of sun salutations, and then work into postures for strengthening and opening the back, stabilizing the shoulders, opening and stabilizing the hips. We make observations of breath, body and mind throughout. The sequencing is progressive and non-competitive. We address needs as they arise and explore a variety of postures, mudras, bandhas, and breath. Every session moves toward a thematic unity. We never script a session. We aim for zero injury. Sessions close with a random brief passage of a yogic text read aloud. We sit for an energizing breath practice. If you can walk for 75 minutes without stopping and you have no specific injuries or serious conditions, then you could be confident of starting.

Instructor: Jeffry Farrell with occasional guest instructors

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 9:00am

  • Saturday: 9:30am

Creative Flow Yoga/Functional Performance Yoga

These sessions build on a foundation of breath, body, and awakened attention, for the purpose of using the yoga as a tool for daily living in strength, balance, enhanced awareness and relaxation. These practices will challenge our cultural expectations about yoga and exercise. The sessions will be small, personal, and progressive based in practices of Krishnamacharya's lineage, in practices of the Bihar School of India, and in methods shared by Kumar Pallana. Advanced practitioners encouraged. Raw beginners welcomed. All beginners' minds renewed and supported.

Instructor (Monday - Creative Flow Yoga): Bruce Boyd

Instructor (Wednesday - Functional Performance Yoga): Tywon Thompson

  • Monday & Wednesday: 6:15pm

Dynamic Relaxation Yoga

Dynamic Relaxation Yoga is a slower, deeper approach to asana practice, with an emphasis on "presence". Participants will enjoy increased strength, flexibility, and relaxation.

Wednesday Instructor: Jeffry Farrell

Jeff's teaching style draws from many different schools of yoga and movement. He tailors each session to the participants present in each class.

Thursday Instructor: Cynthia Pierro

Cynthia blends Iyengar style yoga with Polarity Therapy yoga. Iyengar style focuses on correct bodily alignment and use of breath to support active and passive postures, allowing the body and mind to function at their best potential. Polarity Therapy yoga provides simple postures, sounds, and breathing techniques that quickly provide physical, emotional, and energetic balance.

*Passes to Cynthia's class can be purchased in person when you attend her session. Payments are made directly to Cynthia.

  • Wednesday & Thursday: 4:30pm

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is just like it sounds. From a Hatha Yoga tradition, Mara adds experiential body awareness with the help of props to help bring the body into a state of relaxation and alignment. Good for total beginners, as well as those experienced. Good for anyone wanting a tune-up, a slower practice which can cultivate inner radiance and well-being.

*Passes to Mara's class can be purchased in person when you attend her session. Payments are made directly to Mara.

Instructor: Mara Black

  • Friday: 8:00am

Rising Flow Yoga

Rising Flow Yoga offers a practice designed to cultivate the mind of an athlete. Sessions encompass multiple styles of yoga in order to get the heart pumping, the blood flowing, and the mind moving. Leave each session ready to seize the day!

Instructor: Tywon Thompson

  • Thursday: 6:10am *PLEASE NOTE: Advanced registration REQUIRED for this class (by 11:59pm Wednesday evening) through the link in the embedded calendar at the top of this page.

Yogaletes (beginning October 3rd)

Yogaletes benefits athletes looking to perform with relaxed intensity, equanimity, and improved consistency. This practice harnesses Yin/Yang balance to cultivate calm in the midst of chaos. Give yourself and your team a competitive edge with sessions designed to maximize your athletic potential.

Instructor: Bruce Boyd

  • Thursday: 6:10pm *beginning October 3rd

Personal Yoga Sessions

Personal Yoga Sessions allow you to identify specific areas that need attention. This means you can achieve objectives in much less time, or effectively manage a chronic condition. We set objectives together, and then devise a set of practices that can change and grow. To discuss setting up a time for a personal session, please email

Instructor: Various

  • Monday - Saturday, by appointment

Individual Class Pricing

Mixed Level Asana: $20

Single Stretch, Strengthen & Relax: $20

Dynamic Relaxation Yoga: $15*

  • *Online passes for Dynamic Relaxation Yoga apply to Wednesday sessions only.

  • *Thursday sessions are payable in person, directly to Cynthia Pierro.

Gentle Yoga: $10*

  • *Gentle Yoga passes are not available online.

  • *Make payments directly to Mara Black at the time of the session.

Personal Sessions: Contact us for pricing and scheduling information.

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