Copaiba Oil


How To Use Copaiba Essential Oil, the South American Frankincense! 


*Copaiba is a very special essential oil steam distilled from the resin of the Copaiba Trees of South America.  Copaiba has been historically used for over 300 years - the essential oil is THE MOST POTENT form of medicine from the tree!

*Massage Copaiba along with Peppermint over sore muscles and joints to soothe and protect.  Remember to HEAL & SEAL with Young Living V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Complex.

*Add a couple of drops of Copaiba to your facial cream or facial oil to remove fine lines, wrinkles, and restore a youthfullness to your complexion.
*Daily use Copaiba can be very effective in helping to improve circulation and repair old injuries or sprains.

* Copaiba can be taken internally for supporting healthy liver, digestive, and pancreatic function.  Use 8-10 drops of Copaiba in a clear vegetable capsule once or twice a day on an empty stomach for cleansing and balancing the liver, GI tract, and pancreas.

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How To Use Copaiba for More Beautiful Skin
and Flexible Joints and Muscles

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Ready to learn more about bringing essential oils into your home?

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