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Women's Health with Jackie Poirot, MA Wellness, R.Ph.ABAAHP

  • Park Cities Yoga 5934 Royal Lane Suite 252 Dallas, TX, 75230 United States (map)

Do you experience:


  • Sleep issues?
  • Irregular cycles and/or crippling PMS?
  • "Brain fog", moodiness, and fatigue?
  • Unexplained or persistent weight gain (or loss)?
  • Poor digestion?
  • Anxiety and/or depression?
  • Other persistent, unresolved health issues?


Are you making healthy choices, but you still don't feel good?


Jackie Poirot, MA Wellness, R.Ph.ABAAHP, will guide participants through the complex terrain of women's health.  We'll look at common issues women face, and their often overlooked or misdiagnosed causes.  Jackie will discuss the complex dance between cortisol, the sex hormones, and pituitary function, and how imbalances in one or more of those areas can cause a cascade effect, throwing other systems out of whack.  We'll examine the ways in which our bodies are unique, why a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness does not work, and how you can make lifestyle, nutritional, and supplement choices that work for YOU.


Women's Health with Jackie Poirot will put you back in the driver's seat on your journey to wellness.

The program will consist of a one-hour presentation followed by a Q & A session.

  • $20 advanced registration through May 4th (online or in person at Park Cities Yoga)
  • $25 same-day registration (online or at the door)

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I started seeing Jackie in October after a year of persistent weight gain, brain fog, and anxiety. I knew a LOT about nutrition, but I could not pinpoint my individual nutritional needs effectively. Jackie looked at all of my symptoms, my personality, my history, and my genetics to uncover the hidden issues I was really facing, and she helped me devise a game plan that worked for me to address these issues and heal my life. My brain fog is GONE, my anxiety is under control, and the weight is coming off without starving myself. I want every woman I know to hear what Jackie has to say.
— donna farrell, park cities yoga


About Jackie: 

  • Graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and obtained a Registered Pharmacist Degree in 1984.
  • Licensed pharmacist for more than 25 years.
  • Masters in Wellness from Chatham University in Pittsburgh.
  • Diplomate of ABAAHP and Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.
  • Has worked in many traditional pharmacy settings including hospital and retail before becoming convinced that wellness and preventative medicine was the key to longevity.
  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist.
  • Completed extensive studies in men’s and women’s health-related issues including hormone replacement therapies, chronic illnesses and weight loss.
  • Homeopathics and traditional chinese medicine.
  • Certification in Medication Therapy Management
  • Certification in Immunization Therapy
  • Certification in Patient Centered Diabetic Care
  • Certification in First Line Therapy Healthy Weight Management
  • Certification in Sterile Compounding

Read more about Jackie and contact her directly at  You can also find her on Facebook at Poirot Pharmacy Services.

Later Event: May 20
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