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Polarity Therapy + Massage

Specially designed for anyone familiar with Swedish massage techniques.

Investment: $110 (6 CEUs for LMTs)

This day will include: a power point presentation, dialogue, massage demo and trade to amplify your work, new polarity therapy techniques (light to deep touch), integrating the old with the new.

Schedule includes a 40 minute lunch break.


Touch is that which creates a connecting relationship through visual, auditory, and physical changes for awareness and wholeness.

Imagine your Effleurage, Petrissage, Myofascial Release, Friction, Tapotement, and Vibration amplified and refined ten-fold!  Through a Polarity Therapy approach that emphasizes the wisdom of Sattvic (cloud touch), Rajasic (fire touch) and Tamasic (earth-water touch) a new spin with greater depth and more healing on all levels becomes fully attainable.


The principles of Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic provide more elective and powerful connections to the many different types of clients that you serve.  This class will enhance your understanding of how to better utilize the techniques you currently employ, plus add new Polarity techniques for acute health situations, chronic health situations, or simply relaxing massage.


You will leave this class with a more solid picture about which clients and which situations call for a lighter touch or technique, a more active touch or technique or a deeper, slower touch or technique, thus working smarter, not harder.

Call now to reserve your spot.  214-437-1274


Instructor: Cynthia Pierro, B.S., MIT, LMT, RPP is a holistic health practitioner and educator.  She has been practicing since 1984.  Her teaching style allows people from many different backgrounds to enhance their massage skills with insights and wisdom she has gathered in her 28-plus years.  She easily demonstrates the fullness of Polarity Therapy's approach for your professional growth, encouraging your greatest potential to unfold.