Lavender Oil

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Young Living Lavender Oil is 100% pure, genuine, and therapeutic grade for maximum healing and therapeutic benefits.

-  Young Living grows, cultivates, and distills only authentic Lavendula Angustifolia species  (not Lavandin or blends of Lavender plants like many other companies).

-  Lavender relaxes the nervous system.

-  Put Lavender on your skin when you have minor cuts or hot spots, diluted in a pure carrier oil such as coconut to cover large areas  

-  Add a dab under your armpits for a natural deodorant!

-  Apply 1 drop to bee sting to reduce swelling and irritation.

-  Add 10 drops to your washing machine to freshen your laundry.

-  Occasional sleep trouble? Apply 1 - 2 drops on your pillow, on your feet, or put 10 drops in a 4 oz spray bottle and spritz your room at bedtime.

-  Bring your parasympathetic nervous system into balance; allow yourself to relax!  Put 1 - 2 drops in your palms and take 10 deep breaths to feel the balance.

-  When allergy season is upon you, inhale Lavender to benefit your breathing and immune response. (Add Peppermint for a boost).

-  Have a scar? Apply Lavender multiple times a day (with carrier oil if covering a large area) to promote healing. Ideally scar has been present less than 6 months for the best therapeutic response.

-  Put 5 - 10 drops in epsom salt (half cup to whole cup) and add to a bath for an incredibly relaxing spa like experience!

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Ready to learn more about bringing essential oils into your home?

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