Park Cities Yoga teachers are ready to guide you in the development of your personal yoga practice.


Jeffry Farrell


Jeffry Farrell is the owner and lead instructor at Park Cities Yoga. Jeffry's approach to yoga is deeply influenced by his long-time friendship with Kumar Pallana.  Jeffry's teaching style is characterized by attention to the needs, goals, and current conditions of individual students. He encourages each student to develop their own personal yoga practice.

I tried 3 well-known yoga studios before I found Park Cities Yoga. This place practices holistic yoga, which, in my opinion, is a traditional yoga combined with modern western yoga that largely stresses exercise routines and poses. Classes at PCY emphasizes spiritual teachings and the development of the mind as well as the body. It is not only about increasing one's agility and strength, but also encompasses training the mind, reasoning, beauty, good judgement - to be put to better use with our healthy and strong bodies. This in my opinion is the complete Yoga program. - Pan Garner, PhD

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Bruce Boyd


Bruce Boyd teaches Stretch, Strengthen, & Relax on Monday evenings at 6:15pm.

“My combined 37 years of experience in Fitness, Wellness and Performance has lead me to truly believe that yoga is the best system for ‘Improving one's Lifestyle’. When you are on the mat and back to the basics of breathing and being in the moment, now is when you face yourself. Teaching yoga is my calling because while I am guiding a class, there is no time or place!”


Tywon Thompson


Tywon Thompson teaches Stretch, Strengthen, & Relax on Wednesday evenings at 6:15pm.

“I’m a running trainer and running coach. As a yoga teacher, my approach is geared toward everyone, but I keep the athlete in mind. My practice focuses on the entrance into postures, and injury prevention. It is my belief that when we explore the movements of the body, we allow it to take us on an amazing journey. All we have to do is smile, and move.”


Mara Black


Mara Black teaches the Gentle Yoga classes at Park Cities Yoga and has more than 30 years experience as a yoga teacher. She offers Restorative Yoga, Assisted yoga (Vedic Thai Massage), Pregnancy and After Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga for the Aging. Before becoming a full-time student of Yoga she was a Child Development Educator, and has worked as a trained Midwife since 1976.  Her love of people and the joy of service to them has improved the quality of her own life and all the connections to everyone.    

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Cynthia Pierro


Cynthia Pierro teaches the Thursday sessions of Dynamic Relaxation Yoga. Cynthia Pierro, BS, PTP, LMT, cert. 200YT teaches yoga as the union of movement, breath and sound that produces a personal resource for balancing the body, calming the mind and strengthening the heart. Her yoga class  blends Iyengar Style yoga with Polarity Therapy yoga. Iyengar yoga is a style of Hatha yoga that shows you how to position the various parts of your body with correct alignment. Plus, how to use breathing techniques that support active and passive postures. This allows your bones, muscles, organs, nervous system and mind to function at their best potential. Polarity Therapy yoga comes from a holistic system that understands the bodies basic physiology and it's energetic anatomy. It gives us simple postures, sounds and breathing techniques that quickly balance our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. She began studying Polarity Therapy in 1986 and Iyengar Yoga in 1989.  She sees clients privately for Polarity Therapy, NLP and massage therapy.  Find out more

I work in a demanding profession with short deadlines and stressful, confrontational situations. During my ten years of yoga with Cynthia, I discovered that the physical benefits of yoga are a pathway to greater mental and emotional self-awareness. Cynthia's style and grace have helped me remain calm in the middle of life's storms. - Tom Paige, Trial Attorney

I've been going to Cynthia's class for close to thirteen years. I feel stronger and more flexible after every class. Cynthia is a great teacher. Her classes flow well, she demonstrates in a way that is always clear. Beyond all that, Cynthia herself is a wonderful person. I always leave her class feeling very connected to her, like she has been speaking just to me, and that she is my great friend. - Stephen H., musician

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Carlos Mendez


Carlos Mendez teaches Handstand Workshops on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 and Sunday mornings at 11am.


Mike Mirabal


Mike Mirabal is on hiatus to pursue educational opportunities. We hope to welcome him back to PCY in the future!

Mike has a subtle approach that moves you through the basics into more advanced techniques before you realize he's done it. - Howard Garrett, The Dirt Doctor