The Kumar Book


Kumar Pallana and Jeffry Farrell


Jeffry Farrell met Kumar Pallana in the late 1980's at the Cosmic Cup cafe in Dallas (now known as the Cosmic Cafe). Over the next 25 years, they became best friends, father and son, teacher and disciple, and brothers. Kumar shared with Jeffry decades of practical and theoretical yoga knowledge, life wisdom, stories upon stories upon stories from Kumar's well-traveled life, and an unbreakable bond that lasted until Kumar's passing in October, 2013.  Jeffry carried Kumar's ashes to Rishikesh in northern India, to the Ganges River in the foothills of the Himalayas, and released him to his home. To this day, Jeffry carries on Kumar's teaching out of devotion to his beloved mentor.  


Jeffry and his youngest son Dominic discussing the progress of the Kumar book manuscript.


Kumar was a man of stories, and we'll be sharing those stories with you - in bits and pieces here, and soon with the publication of Jeffry's book about Kumar. Stay Tuned!


A Kumar story from Donna: When Kumar would visit Dallas, he would often stay with us, eliciting in me a combination of aggravation and endearment. Each morning, Kumar and Jeff would make "the chai" before heading off to the yoga studio. One morning as I was headed out to take the boys to school, Kumar offered me chai. I declined with the explanation that I could have neither sugar nor milk. When I returned from the morning drop-off, I found this chai selection, with accompanying notes from Kumar, on our kitchen counter. I still have these notes, many years later.