Principles of Movement Theatre

Taught by Jeffry Farrell

The work applies to actors, directors, writers, designers.  These principles are “tools for creation.” Not imitation. 

These tools give imagination a vehicle and give imagination a space.

$35 per participant per session.

Preregister using the form below, or email

ASSIGNMENT FOR JUNE 2ND SESSION: Prepare one minute of entering a small space or spaces.

We will observe the structural and essential qualities of the Lecoq work; we will draw on the boundary-less, essential qualities of Grotowski/Barba; we will draw on both International and American performance/acting traditions; stage fights and meditated envisioning; potentially script work in Shakespeare and others; plus Kumar’s yogic influence and performance.

As we meet over the summer we can sketch out longer-term content and value, from principles to actual lazzi, from clown solo to tragic chorus, from juggling to hand-balances, from daily work of functional movement to non-daily acrobatics of the soul. The work applies to actors, designers, musicians, writers, artists and architects.

Participants should wear comfortable clothes.

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